Winter in Preschool

You know how much I love sharing the fun things I do with "my kids" during the day.
So here's an update on how we spent some of our time in preschool in January:

We caught snowflakes on black paper.
They were beautiful.
Can you believe that there are NEVER two snowflakes that are exactly the same???

We made big blocks of ice in the freezer, then sprinkled them with salt and dropped liquid watercolors on them.

They were also beautiful.
And fascinating!
This was at the end after we'd added some regular ice cubes and the salty water had started melting millions of little tiny "tracks" through the ice block.

We painted with ice cube popsicles and powdered tempera paint.
(this one also works with kool-aid or Jello)
Once again... beautiful.
Throw in a little snowflake tracing with dry erase markers and page protectors...

And a beautiful ice man...
(as opposed to snow man - made from freezing water balloons
then peeling off the balloon and using a bit of salt to "stick" them together)

...and you have a delightful way to spend the cold month of January in preschool!
On the list for February:
- Mail/Post Office
- Valentine's Day
- Community Helpers/Jobs
Now if only I could find some of the good conversation hearts...