Just for you

Sunday evening we finally took the double bed out of the guest room so it could officially become Lena's room. We put her in the crib for the first time last night and I think she liked it. Here's a taste of how much fun she had with her mobile (check out those baby leg kicks!):

Get your snuggling arms and baby voices ready, ladies. Only five more weeks until love reunites!

disclaimer: I promise to take the pillow and stuffed animal out of her bed before I leave her in there unsupervised.


Since you both helped me so much emotionally as I prepared for my first craft fair,
I decided to give you a present.

The present is: you get to see me in this beautiful j.crew sweater at Christmas!

I ordered it online as my "coming home to warm weather and I don't know where my winter clothes are" consolation.

You're welcome!

Cooorn, double COOORN!!!

I know you ladies already know, but just to remind you...
This soup is so good it's ridiculous.

It's spicy, it's corny, it's spectacular.
Add a grilled cheese on the side and I'm in heaven--perfect for a cold fall/wintry afternoon.
Don't worry Em, as I'm assuming these aren't readily available on the island, 
I'll save a box or two for your stocking.

First Fire in the New House

The low tonight is 33.
The high tomorrow is 54.
Friday: 42 and rain.
Saturday: 44 and snow.

That's right. snow.

My wonderful husband knows just what to do in situations like these -
build a roaring fire in our beautiful fireplace and snuggle with his wife on the couch.

We had a fireplace in our rental house, but the one in our house is almost twice as big and makes waaaay better fires!

If you're in doubt, I present the following video as proof.

Winter, I have three words for you:

Bring it on.

a lil' secret

This is super crazy, but whenever I snuggle with Lena, and all is quiet,
I can't stop thinking that I want to have another baby.


Not somewhere down the road, but right now.


I mean, I actually miss being pregnant.


This is when I need you to live closer so one of you can smack some sense into me.


Sisterly advice

Without your advice on what to wear to the World Creole Music Festival, I was left to my own devices.

That means I wore this out in public:

I need you in my life on a daily basis.

Miss you both so much.