Since you both helped me so much emotionally as I prepared for my first craft fair,
I decided to give you a present.

The present is: you get to see me in this beautiful j.crew sweater at Christmas!

I ordered it online as my "coming home to warm weather and I don't know where my winter clothes are" consolation.

You're welcome!


  1. hahah! Em, I have this too... and love it! You will look adorable in it, perfect with your coloring. Miss you.

  2. I could see you in a garbage sack at Christmas and it would be the best present ever. Only 5.5 weeks left!!!

  3. Now I understand why an unsolicited package for Emily Shelman arrived at the house last week... It's a pretty color and I bet it would look good on me - maybe I could wear it to work and break it in for you??