Best Thing Ever

E-Mealz Praline Chicken.


Thank you Sara for sending me the recipe!
Seth and I both loved it and I can't wait to try some of the other recipes this week.

Its just science

A recent article in the New York Times "Why Sisterly Chats Make People Happier" states:

"’s true that talk is the reason having a sister makes you happier, but it needn’t be talk about emotions. When women told me they talk to their sisters more often, at greater length and about more personal topics, I suspect it’s that first element — more often — that is crucial rather than the last."

So here is proof, you both really do make me happier.  Even if our communication forms are dependent upon 21st Century technologies, you can't stop science.

Maybe I don't need a baby...

...maybe I'll just get a puppy instead.

Some friends of ours from church have these adorable puppies out at their house and we went out to see them today. They are so. stinkin'. cute.

Thankfully, they're all spoken for so we don't have to deal with the dilemma of whether or not to bring one home. Because they are cute enough to erase every trace of logic from your brain.

They were having so much fun just bounding around in the grass, growling and yelping at each other, and stumbling over their own paws.

If anyone ever calls us and tells us they have lab puppies that are actually available... we might be in big trouble. ;-)

Only the essentials

What are the necessary components of a Dominica care package? Cliff bars, crackers, craft supplies, magazines, batteries and chocolate... Yes, lots of chocolate.

Never mind that it cost about $65 to get it all there. Oh well. Some comforts apparently do come with a price.

love you, Em. Enjoy!

patchwork project

Since I am working hard on getting my sewing shop up, I finally made myself an honest woman.

Nathan has asked for a coaster since we moved to the island.  Because of the heat, our cold beverages seem to create a river of condensation.  A simple drink can destroy everything on your table, including the finishing.

And because I love him, I took some time away from the pressed peony workshop, and made him:

They even match our giant, plastic, yellow cups.  patchwork joy!

I was trying to remember if we ever used coasters when we were kids... I don't think we did. 
Am I remembering correctly, or did we destroy our parent's tables?

Another Before & After



Junk piled everywhere...

Boxes on top of boxes...

Junk stacked against walls... not pretty.

But after 7 hours of hard work
(isn't it amazing how much time can end up going into this kind of project???)
we ended up with this!


nice and tidy
(I'm in lovvvve with our new chest freezer!)

Lots of fabulous shelves. And the extra fridge is actually against the wall now!

and things neatly stacked against the wall.

The biggest difference is the back wall where all the boxes had been.
Now most of them are in the basement, but at least now I can pull my car into the garage without running into the fridge. I never knew a clean garage could make me so happy!

Now I'm going to head over to Hillside Reflections to post pictures from the open house.
much love from a very clean garage in Iowa! :-)

Get excited...

You gals can look forward to a wonderful post tomorrow night filled with photos of our Harvest Open House!!!

I've got tons of yummy food prepared, several tubs of fall decorations on their way via my wonderful Mother-In-Law, and a soon to be spic-n-span house to show off!

I can't wait!