our words

I thought I would take some time to reminisce over our blog, as you two enjoy each others' company (cough*dontforgetme*cough).

A Wordle is a little piece of art that takes the words from a website and makes them into a little friendly family.

This, my dears, is our sisters away wordle.   

Wordle: sisters

I love that beautiful is front and center in our conversations.  It says so much.

Weekend giggle

Here's a clip of Lena giving carrots a try for the first time. Her expressions crack. me. up. (As is evident by my cackling in the background!) And of course Addie had to join in for a cameo as well.
Enjoy, Aunties!

I have to brag

Check out the latest cuties made by my sister...

Don't you want one? I know I do. My talented Em will be back in the states in about 5 1/2 months. Until then, all we can do is drool. And save our pennies for the big orders we'll place when she's ready to open up shop 'round these parts. Keep designing, dear. I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

We must be crazy...

Seth and I are starting P90X tonight.

Day 1.

We've got all our gear:
- doorway pull up bar
- dumbbells for 2
- stretchy bands
- yoga mats
and most importantly,
- our P90x DVDs

Ask me tomorrow how it went. For now, just say a prayer.