Another Before & After



Junk piled everywhere...

Boxes on top of boxes...

Junk stacked against walls... not pretty.

But after 7 hours of hard work
(isn't it amazing how much time can end up going into this kind of project???)
we ended up with this!


nice and tidy
(I'm in lovvvve with our new chest freezer!)

Lots of fabulous shelves. And the extra fridge is actually against the wall now!

and things neatly stacked against the wall.

The biggest difference is the back wall where all the boxes had been.
Now most of them are in the basement, but at least now I can pull my car into the garage without running into the fridge. I never knew a clean garage could make me so happy!

Now I'm going to head over to Hillside Reflections to post pictures from the open house.
much love from a very clean garage in Iowa! :-)

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