a lil' secret

This is super crazy, but whenever I snuggle with Lena, and all is quiet,
I can't stop thinking that I want to have another baby.


Not somewhere down the road, but right now.


I mean, I actually miss being pregnant.


This is when I need you to live closer so one of you can smack some sense into me.



  1. You'll get no argument from Memere. Told you being pregnant was addicting. Nothing like it. Were it not for the delivery part and all the issues of managing little ones, I would have done it a bunch more times!! Then you would have a lot more sisters/brothers away! love you!!

  2. you are so funny - I would give you a look of craziness if I were there - I don't think I would smack you - esp. if you were holding my goddaughter.

  3. Mom, if you retire and move next door, I'll keep popping them out. How's that for a deal?

    Em--sadly, a look of craziness is not enough as I give those to myself every time that thought enters my head. Maybe just a good solid shaking would do the trick. And of course, I would put all babies down before hand.