First Fire in the New House

The low tonight is 33.
The high tomorrow is 54.
Friday: 42 and rain.
Saturday: 44 and snow.

That's right. snow.

My wonderful husband knows just what to do in situations like these -
build a roaring fire in our beautiful fireplace and snuggle with his wife on the couch.

We had a fireplace in our rental house, but the one in our house is almost twice as big and makes waaaay better fires!

If you're in doubt, I present the following video as proof.

Winter, I have three words for you:

Bring it on.


  1. Oh, and just so you know, the squeaking noise in the background is Annie going to town on her newest toy, a little stuffed hedgehog. As I type this, about 20 minutes after taking the video, the poor hedgehog has been dismembered and gutted and the squeaker is no more.

  2. I just let out the biggest sigh of my life. this looks amazing. The temp for the weekend here is: 90, 90, and 90 degrees - with 100% humidity. No fire needed :(