Christmas in Preschool

If you need a little smile today, just imagine yourself as a 4-year-old playing here:

It's the North Pole!
See that big white post looking thing on the left, that's the "North Pole". The kids colored the red stripes on it with crayon. There's lots of snow and that castle in the corner is actually Santa's Workshop where the elves make all the toys.

These are the snow and ice blocks for building igloos and penguin houses... and sometimes they pose as presents for Santa to deliver.

And of course we need to have a place for Santa to bring those gifts - here's our cozy little fireplace and christmas tree... complete with a little friend sleeping on the couch, waiting for Santa to arrive.
I wish I could show you the pictures of the kids dressed up with reindeer antlers and elf hats. We even had a chain of reindeer holding hands and pulling Santa in a sleigh (a.k.a. little red wagon) across the classroom to deliver toys under the Christmas tree. Right now there are 12 little stockings hanging on that fireplace waiting for Santa to make a special trip to school tonight to fill them.
It has been a magical few weeks here in preschool. But as much fun as I've been having, I can't wait until it's finished tomorrow because that means I'm that much closer to sharing a magical Christmas with my beloved sisters, brothers(-in-law), nieces, parents, granmother, and uncle!
Only 12 more days!!!

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