Just Another Place

Though we have been apart for many years, starting in 2001 when Kate went to college, Sara stayed in Kentucky, and I moved to Indiana, the reality of the separation between us has set in. Perhaps it is the presence of babies or the maturing of our sisterhood, but I believe we have only grown closer over these years.

And now we created a sweet homage to our separation. On the days we cannot call or skype, we have a space to say hello – I miss you – I love you – I’ve had a terrible day – I’m so proud of you – I made an amazing meal today – I burned the pancakes again – I thought of a new craft – I feel blessed today.

A space that says: “if I lived right next to you, I would tell you this at the end of my day”.

And what a shame we are only now starting this diary. If we could look back on all our trips, our gatherings, our events – we would find the most amazing story. A story that would kick Little Woman’s butt.

We’ve been blessed with such a full life together. From sharing rooms as children – moving to new cities, in which we were each others’ only ally – visiting each other in college – protecting each other from first boyfriends – standing next to each other in our weddings – cheering with each other as we conquer our careers, children, and craft.

I am so thankful we will now have a record of this journey. Between Glenwood, Lexington, and Dominica – we have 10,000 miles between us. I am determined to not feel a single one.

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