Skype without hype.

I’m sitting in the library with Nathan – and I’m bored. I’m bored because I want to talk to one of you – but you're both living your lives.

I’m checking Skype every 30 seconds…compulsively hoping – willing one of you to log on.

Kate is probably packing up her kitchen – maybe on her way to the new place.
Sara is probably recovering from the day’s travels to Cinci.  Hopefully not in any back pain.

I am sitting in an over air-conditioned classroom eating popcorn and pretending to find things to read online.

Come on – sisters! Skype.

Okay, I’m going to check again if you’ve logged on…


  1. Oh honey, I'm so sorry we missed you! Yesterday was Glenwood's graduation so we were at a graduation party and then we went straight to youth group. By the time I got home and read your post it was 11pm your time :-(

  2. I hate that I missed you too! We didn't get home from Cinci until around 9:30. Fun times, but seeing the Higgins girls together just made me miss the two of you SO much! Addie had a lot of fun stealing the spotlight away from the graduate--and not ONE person made a nasty preggo comment about me being huge. SCORE!!!
    I'll check obsessively today and tonight.

    p.s. Who is responsible for the internet connection at your apt? I might have to whip out some scariness and spend all my remaining hard-budgetted dollars for the month bawling someone out over the phone!