A Poor Imitation

Ever since Em's visit to Mom & Dad's back in August, I have been longing for the delicious taste of the delightful snack she was thoughtful enough to share with us: Go Ahead Crispy Slices

They were so yummy and different from other snacks that we have in the US that I just couldn't stop thinking about them! I searched the internet to see if there was a magical place that would ship them to me... but alas, it seems they are only available in the UK and Netherlands... oh, and Dominica of course!
Then, to my wonderful surprise, I came across these lovlies at the grocery store:

They aren't as good as Go Aheads, but I think they're as close as I'm going to get this side of the Carribean. I currently have two boxes in my desk at work, strawberry and blueberry. They are my new favorite snack.
And perhaps my favorite thing about them is that when I'm enjoying every bite of their crisp fruitiness... I always think of Em :-)

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