The price for... love

What would you pay for a little slice of home? 

Think: Sunday afternoon, you're 8 years old.  You just got home from church. Your mom is dressed in her prettiest red blouse and smells so fancy.  Your dad is smiling, enjoying the relaxation of a day off work.

Yours sisters are in a good mood, not teasing you at all - because they, too, are going to enjoy what is to come. 

The Sunday afternoon snack lunch.  A Ouellette staple.  A Sunday afternoon filled with only yummy snacks that mom lets us pile together to make a meal.  Grapes and chedder cheese.  Chips.  Tuna salad with apples...

...and ritz crackers.

How much would I pay for this slice of home?

$42.00 EC.  And I did.  (Thats about $16 US)

I really miss yall.


  1. Aaaaaawwwww! Em, you are too cute. If I were in your position I would probably shell out that much for a taste of those wonderful memories too! Perhaps this Sunday we'll do the same here in Iowa and be thinking of you :-)

  2. For years we did Sunday evening "breakfast for dinner". The guys loved it. Wonder if Nathan remembers?