Auntie Gifts

My first time becoming an Auntie, thanks to you Sara, I can't remember a visit going by without offering gifts and sentimental pieces of thecutestiestlil things.

My second time becoming an Auntie, I was worried I would loose the zeal. I was worried I would tell you to just share the same pieces that I offered in the past.

Nope. My mind is filled with little things that this girl must have. 

The first thing on my list:

I don't know your plans for the nursery, but can I please get her this? Or any other adorablecutie thing from Sarahjanestudios?


  1. Uuhhh... Heck yes, you can get anything you want from there and it will surely grace the walls of either of my girls! I ADORE the print you chose and while I was browsing the shop I found something I think Addie might need as well...

    Love love love!

    ps--We decided not to paint the nursery so the wall color will remain neutral. I think the bedding/accent colors will be pink and blue, so parfait ma petite soeur! Bravo!

  2. that print is ADORABLE!!!

    ...maybe I should just listen to my husband and go ahead and have a baby already so I can have cute things like this. Hmmm....

  3. Em- I love this shop! Tate had her "read with me" print up in her reading nook in her old nursery, and it was my favorite part of the room. I also love her family tree. Did you know Sarah Jane is from Utah (she sells her prints at a boutique I used to be the buyer for)?... anyhow, she is even lovelier than her art.