Tsk, tsk!

"I didn't go into the street without a hand. I stayed right here on the sidewalk." - Stephanie **, circa 1999

And now, as only a middle sister truly can:

"I didn't publish blog posts without tags. I used at least three on every post." - Kate, circa today

Sorry. Couldn't resist ;-) After Sara making a big stink about how we all need to make sure we're tagging our blogs, I was looking at all of our posts and noticed that *ahem* some of us have been slacking. You know I don't really care, I just couldn't resist the opportunity to use our favorite Stephanie quote! I think it may only be topped by "Tears or presents?" on my list of favorite one-liners that we love to give eachother. At some point one of us is going to have to write a post about that story...

Completely unrelated side note: Am currently sitting at my desk eating some Baker's (a.k.a. Kroger) sushi pretending that it's half as good as the food my hubs is enjoying down in NOLA this week. Monday's my only day at work next week so lets plan on some mid-day Skyping, shall we?

**A little back story for our readers: Stephanie is a little girl (or was anyway... She's got to be a teenager by now - Yikes!) at our dad's first church in western Kentucky. This quote comes from a scenario in which her younger sister was caught walking out into the street without holding an adult's hand after church one morning. As little sister was being scolded, Stephanie made sure to point out to her mommy what a good job she had done of following the rules. It's a classic sister moment that I'm sure anyone with a sibling can relate to.

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