I can fix that! or A lesson in the importance of correct posture

So Em, as much as I really REALLY want you to have a baby, I am also a true believer in the importance of full disclosure. Check out these pictures Kate took of me while we were Skyping yesterday. Please forgive the blurriness (especially since it mostly effects Addie's face)...

This is me standing next to my babe about 5 1/2 ft. from the camera.
I look fairly normal, except with a basketball under my shirt, right?

And then there's this...  Kate and Addie were playing a game of peek-a-boo and when I turned around to join in, I saw myself in the bottom of the screen and couldn't believe it. I told Kate to check out how fat I looked, and the expression on her face said it all.

Yes Kate, I'm going to post it. Here is the highly unflattering photo where I don't look pregnant, but rather like I've just gained 150 lbs. Sexy, huh?

WARNING: This photo has been modified to burn out the retinas of any viewer
who looks at it for more than five seconds. 

So go ahead, love. Get preggo! Have a baby! I want to be an Auntie!!! Just be sure to sit up straight and with your shoulders back. **smooch**

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