The Neverending Story

a.k.a. Kate & Seth's Kitchen! ...or the whole house really.

Tonight we painted the kitchen a lovely dusty teal (the actual name of the color is "Venus Teal") which I LOVE! We used Behr Premium Plus Ultra which is that fancy new stuff that has the primer and paint in one. For the most part it only took one coat - thanks to the fact that we weren't painting over white.

The sad news is that once we painted over the patches (remember all of those holes that the plumber made when he was fixing our multitude of leaks?) we realized that our patch job apparently wasn't very good. Our beginners' imperfections that we thought we get covered up by painting still stick out like a sore thumb so now we're going to have to go back and sand those spots down, re-spackle, re-sand, and re-paint. Boo!

Oh well... at least the rest of the kitchen looks fabulous!

Sara, I hope you're having fun in Michigan. #1: I'm totally jealous that we're not there with you, and #2: It's driving me crazy not to have new blog posts to read every day on Mommy Honesty!

Em, I was so sad to miss your Magic Jack call! It was so good to hear your voice, even if it was just via voicemail. My work schedule is crazy until the 20th when my "summer break" starts. We need to find a time to Skype soon!

I love you both and can't wait to talk to you... and only 4.5 weeks left till I get to see you!!!


  1. Hmmmm.... Sounds like body work (auto to the uniformed) to me. Fill...sand...paint...check. Fill...sand...paint...recheck. Get used to the drill if you want a wall that is perfect.