Do you see what I see?

There's a reason why that is one of my least favorite Christmas Carols...

Kate, I hope you like what Em and I have done to our space. It has taken so many IM conversations with lots of frustrated emoticons in the process. When I thought I was seeing a lovely indigo for a link color, Em thought it was a really bright purple. When she thought she was looking at a soft coral as a background color, I saw bright reddish orange. Either we both have issues with processing colors, our computers are a tad off, or things just look different in other countries.

All jokes aside, I have been pleasantly surprised at how well the three of us have worked together on making this look the way we all want it to look. We have gracefully heard each other's concerns, taken them to heart and implemented the suggestions we've given each other without getting our feelings hurt. My, how we're grown up!

It only solidifies my hope that someday we can find a way to start some kind of small business together. What business? How should I know! But when the time is right and the opportunity presents itself, I'm there. Here's to working with you, ladies!


  1. Thank goodness! If I had to edit our banner on Picnik one more time - I was going to add little unicorns to match the unicorn purple font color :) Love it.

  2. Oh my gosh---IT WASN'T PURPLE!!!!

    Glad your pixles finally translated what I did into something that was pleasing to your eye. **smooch**