Home Decor

Island life can be hard when you're addicted to design blogs, diy ideas, and pretty vintage decor. 

When my darling asked for a more subtle lighting option than our only, bright, florescent light - I usually would have a list of great ideas.

Lets go to Midway Arts, or perhaps the Mass Ave Shops.  I can buy a vintage lamp at BR Vintage and change the shade.  If all else fails, we'll got to Target and get something presh.

But on an island where the closest hardware store is called "Grand Bizarr", we end up with something a little different.

We end up with a flashlight ducktaped to the wall.

This actually worked really well.  Until it fell onto my darlin' in the middle of the night. 
Whoops, babe. Sorry.

So we came up with this:
Two booklights ducktaped to the top of our bedposts.

I know your a little jealous - its the essence of shabby, island chic.

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