A Few Befores and Afters

Kitchen cabinet knobs before...

...and after.

Dining room light fixture before (well technically after removal)...

...and after.

Kitchen light before...

...and after!

More to come later, I promise!


  1. Please tell me you took that old light fixture to some sort of vintage shop. SO happy to know that it's gone! Really, just thinking about it mounted in your kitchen made it hard for me to sleep at night. ;)

    Everything you've done looks great! Keep it up!!!

  2. to which light fixture are you referring?

    All of the stuff we tore out is going in the youth group garage sale tomorrow. I have a bunch more pictures I need to post of the new lighting in our bedroom, the new fixtures we installed in the guest bath, and the new ceiling fans. We are having way to much fun for not even being unpacked yet!