Siwy wabbit

This morning, I packed Addie up and dragged her along with me to the yarn store (which sucks and I hate bringing her there, but because they have strange hours, I have no choice). When we were walking around the Trav to put her in her car seat, we noticed a small bunny rabbit about the size of the palm of my hand sitting just next to the driveway in the grass.

We were RIGHT next to it and it didn't budge. Addie's like, "Oh, bunny Mommy!" and it still didn't move. I'm thinking, Oh crap, there's a dead bunny in our yard. I said, "Yes, it's a bunny! Say, 'bye-bye bunny'!" She did and thankfully moved to get in the car without any protest or attempts to touch the lifeless looking bunny.

I wanted to know if it was really dead so I touched its booty with the toe of my sandal. Um... Yeah... Not dead. It lept to life and hopped its way right into our garage. My Crap! turned to Shit! as I chased after it and tried to shoo it out of our storage nightmare. No matter what I tried, it just kept running and hiding behind things and would. not. leave.

So, I called Curt and asked him what he thought I should do. He said to shut the door, go run my errands, and when I came back to leave the garage door open so our bunny could leave when it wanted to. I did not find this advice helpful as I was afraid I would forget about the poor guy (pregnancy brain is a real b*tch sometimes) and he would bake to death or worse--we would let Regan out for some late evening bug hunting and heaven help the results of that catastrophe. 

I made one final attempt to scare our almost new pet out of our space and this time it finally worked. I jumped up and down with a few Whoop Whoops! and quickly got the heck out of there and shut the door. When I climbed into the Trav, Addie looked at me with a smile and said, "Bunny..." Yes dear, Mommy was chasing a bunny. Now, off to buy some yarn!

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